Acquire Comfortable Hotel Experience with Top Edinburgh Hotels

Hotel room clean

If you are arriving today, sorry for all the commotions you can experience. Every now and then, we like to have our building completely cleaned from head to toe. You will never encounter things below your expectations and criteria. We will take your desired cleanliness into account at all times. We will never disappoint you if you make us as your topmost option. We can assure you that you can live in a greatly comfortable and convenient hotel room.

Enjoying and satisfying hotel experience

Even though you can encounter unexpected services, we are committed and enthusiastic to provide a different yet magnificent experience that best suits your needs. We will make sure that all our staffs will be more equipped and skilled to clean our hotel rooms for the years to come. These days, we consider optimal convenience and maximum ease that can result to a more satisfying and enjoying hotel experience. You will realize that your money will be worth it for sure.

Passionate to High quality cleaning

For every neophyte hotel service provider, it is normal to provide services with less satisfaction and happiness to customers out there. Though we have offered unresponsive and irrelevant hotel services to our clients, we are now passionate about high quality cleaning. As a matter of fact, we can make our target market more satisfied with the reputable help of Core Cleaning We can provide clean hotels that are up to your standards. At present, we are equipped with excellent cleaning resources and other state of the art technologies that can assure you 100% hotel cleanliness.

A Wide Array of Equipment

Aside from our excellent cleaning, we have a variety of equipment that can reach all your standards and criteria. All our hotel rooms are fully air-conditioned that can avoid a disappointing and burdensome experience on your part. Even though you will just stay for a short period of time, you can encounter things beyond your preferences with us. You will leave one of our hotel rooms with a memory you will never forget.

Delicious foods

Top Edinburgh Hotels are also reputed and trusted for providing s lot of delicious food options. Whatever your interests are, you will be assured that you can eat the food you want. If you have experienced a poor service from your past service provider, you can encounter a big difference with us that you will enjoy. Furthermore, high quality is highly available in our facilities, equipment and foods. Also, we are now more committed to excellence that can get rid of any burden on your part.

Indeed, Top Edinburgh Hotels is now your partner in having a stunning and memorable hotel experience. We can assure you of excellent cleaning that can give you a comfortable and wonderful stay. When it comes to hotel facilities, you can see all your expected equipment. Apart from that, we provide foods that can boost your appetite for sure. Be one of our clients now and witness how we can truly help you. We really value your needs that can lead to a holistic experience.



Living the Hotel Life

There are a lot of travelers today having difficulty how to find the right room for the place they are going to visit. Some travelers, because of budget constraints, stick to more affordable options from hostels to bed and breakfast options. Though there are instances that these options can work well for a backpacker, it isn’t always an option for everyone.

travel-1677347_640When you get a hotel room, not only are you getting room service, you also get different comforts such as warm shower, a warm bed and even a bathtub. These are things that people look for when they are traveling. A lot of people relax when they are exploring a new place. And for most people, the hotel experience is part of the thrill when traveling.

How to make the most of the hotel life?

Hotel rooms can be quite expensive. Could you imagine staying in a five star hotel when you are a budget traveler? Does that mean that a budget traveler can no longer enjoy the perks of having a hotel room where they can relax and have a good time?

In order to maximize and experience the hotel life despite the small budget, you want to make sure that you take the time to do the necessary research. What you can do is to make sure that you take the time to read the reviews and compare the prices. Even for a small budget, it is possible to land a good deal with a reputable hotel. But of course, in order to do this, you will need to make sure that you scout the World Wide Web.

You can also schedule your travel during off-peak season in order to get the best bang for your buck. You’ll be able to stay in a superior hotel room even for half the price. You can check coupons to see which hotels provide discounted prices as of the moment.

You also need to always check the location of your hotel. If the hotel is a bit far from the nearest train or bus station, then might as well choose another one.

If you are going to stay in a hotel, try to read as many reviews possible. It is also a good idea to get information from travel bloggers. There are travel bloggers mostly for budget travelers. This information might be enough to give you an idea on which hotels you should check to maximize living the hotel life.

Safely Handling Cash in Hotels


You own a hotel or guest house. People are always asking you if you have a safe to keep their valuables in. Some places provide room safes in every suite, but if not you might be thinking about buying a safe of some kind for your reception area.

It’s a bright idea to invest in some sort of drop slot safe box,  especially since we live in such a litiginous world, a place where it isn’t unlikely you’ll get sued and dragged through the courts if someone’s stuff gets stolen from your premises. So what is a drop box safe, and which type should you choose for your hotel, B&B, holiday home or guesthouse?

Keeping cash safe

Your guests might ask you to store their cash safely. But as an hotel or guest house you will likely also keep a ready supply of cash on hand for your own purposes, for emergencies and regular cash purchases like extra milk or tips for tradesmen and delivery people.

A drop safe is usually best for a business setting. Retail stores, restaurants, churches, and other businesses that handle a lot of cash use them every day. Deposits made can’t be taken out without the door being unlocked by an authorised user.

Drop safes can use a variety of locking mechanisms, some with a a single key lock and otjers dual. Some have a dial combination lock, some are biometric and use retina or fingerprint scans.

Drop safes are usually fitted via pre-drilled anchor holes. Some  are designed to bolt into the floor. The smallest versions tend to have a drop slot on top or in the front. They are lightweight, portable, and convenient, perfect for use as a small cash drawer.

Front loading drop safes are perfect for cash, cash bags, and cash envelopes. Top loaders are best for packages, and are more  secure than front loading or small versions. Rear loaders take deposits through a rear-facing drop door, ideal for installation in a wall between two rooms.

The idea behind a small lock box

As a general rule, the trickier you can make life for thieves the less likely they are to steal from you. Make their lives difficult and complicated enough and they’ll simply melt away and try somewhere else less secure. That’s why even the simplest, smallest combination lock box makes a real difference to security.

The same goes if you want to store keys safely, or keep petty cash away from temptation. A small, discreet money safe box can make all the difference between thefts and no thefts. Just keeping a portable one behind the counter can do the trick, although the better ones are designed to be fixed permanently to a wall or floor joist, even under the floorboards.

Like so much in life, cheap safes can easily be nasty, more of a visual deterrent than a real physical one. If other people’s belongings are at stake, they deserve the best security measures you can afford.

Small home safes are also used in domestic settings to stash jewellery and other precious items away from pilfering fingers. A
small safe for money is better than no safe at all, for the reasons we’ve already mentioned, and a wall drop is even better than the regular portable safe boxes for home that you can buy.

About key lockboxes

What if you only need to keep keys safe, for example because you do AirBnB and can’t always be there to let guests in. A key safe is a simple storage gadget that you attach to a door handle or wall. A key is locked into the container and then opened with a manual code. They differ in shape, size and level of security. Push button locks let you set your own combination. Wheel types  come with four scrolling wheels with numbers or letters that make your combination, and dial ones have just one rotating dial for creating your combination

If you’re looking for ultra security, plenty of experts recommend  dial models because they’re the hardest to break into. At the other end of the scale an expert can break into a wheel model quite easily.

Drop safe buying tips

  1. Figure out how the safe will be used and who will be using it
  2. Consider what will you be depositing in the safe? Do you need a top-loader for bigger items or a front loader perfect for smaller items?
  3. Is portability important, because you might need to move the safe now and again?
  4. Where do you plan on installing it?
  5. What type of locking mechanism will suit your purposes best
  6. What is your budget? You can spend anything froin tens to many hundreds of pounds on a drop box safe

What You Should Find in a Hotel

Maybe you are taking a break from your stressful job. Finding your center by traveling and exploring new places is a great way to find your focus. If you are traveling and you are planning to stay in a hotel, this can be a good or a bad experience.

Let’s admit that it can be a bit exciting to relax and have a good night sleep. But not all hotels can give you a good experience. So what exactly should you find in an ideal hotel?

Superb room service

One of the things that make a hotel good is its employees. You will never have a good hotel experience without a handy room service. Room service should be quick and consistent. It should be able to deliver according to your needs. The staff should also be able to maintain the room’s cleanliness every day and even provide you with all the basic needs that you will need such as a robe or new linen every morning.

Keyless room

Another feature of a good hotel is its security system. It should have keyless rooms in order to give you peace of mind. Keys can be a security flaw if you’ll think of it. New keyless doors have been designed to make sure that only you have access to your room.

Comfortable beds and clean sheets

Another important thing you need to find in a hotel room is a comfortable bed and clean sheets. This can keep you warm and make you feel comfortable at night. It should be cleaned and changed every day, and if you think that there’s no need to have it changed, you can just tell the staff to not disturb you.

hotel-1330854_640A clean and functional bathroom

Clean and functional bathroom should be part of any hotel. If you are going to read reviews, it is important that you read the part that tells you about the hotel rooms’ bathroom. Does it have all the basic amenities of a clean and functional bathroom? Does it have a bathtub? Does it always have a supply of tissue paper? These are basic things that should always be present in your hotel room.

Now, for the size of your bathroom, it depends on what you paid for. Typically, it’s the more expensive ones that have a really large bathroom area.


Lights can affect how you sleep in a hotel room. It is important that the room can be bright enough on your waking hours, and it should have the right dim lights if you are going to sleep already. Over the years, hotel room lighting have evolved even having switches that can be commanded via clapping.

If you really want to stay in a hotel, these are some things that you need to look into. There’s a huge difference between hostels and hotels. However, if you are on a tight budget, you might also want to consider the perks of getting a bed and breakfast instead. But of course, don’t expect the same service as you will get from a hotel.

Finding Hotels That Are A Home Away From Home

Finding the right hotel can be a challenge. Can you imagine the task of finding the right hotel within your budget and requirements? There are many factors that you need to consider if you’ll choose a hotel. Here are some things that can help you.

cuba-1762974_640Superb service to help you explore the city

You won’t be staying in your hotel room. You’ll want to explore the place and see different things out there. A good hotel room should have staff that can help you with your travel arrangements, not to mention guide you in the city.

They may even give you a map. This allows you to know where you are headed and you don’t have to waste your time anymore.

Hotels should have close access to transportation

A good home away from home should have close access to transportation. Is the hotel near a train station or a bus station? This gives you the chance to save money especially when you are going out. Taxi cabs in some areas can cost a lot of money. By checking the proximity of the hotel to the nearest station, it is easier for you to explore different locations within the city, as well.

Great things to do within the area

A good hotel should have activities that you can do within the area. It shouldn’t be isolated from the different sights and sounds of the city. A good hotel should have restaurants, public spaces and even museums around the area.

Before checking in, it is a good idea to also know the activities that can be done in the area both day and night. There are areas wherein it only becomes lively when midnight strikes. On the other hand, there are also places that are only lively in the morning.

WiFi Access

It is important to have WiFi access when you are staying in a hotel. This gives you the opportunity to plan your trip and see different things that you can explore within the proximity of your hotel. You can also get information regarding the transportation. This makes sure that you won’t miss the last train going to your hotel.

Great view

If you want to stay in a hotel that feels like home, it should have a great view. Some hotels invest on a view deck where guests can enjoy the view of the city.

It should have cozy beds

Cozy bed is a must if you want to have a hotel that feels like home. For a lot of people, this is the priority. Aside from a cozy bed, it is important that the hotel has superb room service wherein they change the linen regularly.

If you are going to find a hotel that you consider home away from home, it is important that you first look at the reviews. Also, weigh your options well. Do you have the budget to stay in this hotel? Is it really a cheaper option? Also look at the places that you can visit within the proximity of the hotel. It is important that you are not going to spend so much time and money just to go back and forth to your hotel.